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If u really want to know about my family ,just email me @jeewan1@hotmail.com I will be happy to tell u about my family.Its very intersting .You will love to hear it.

Family is a group that stays together forever.


We love Indian food .Thats what we usually eat . Indian food consists of hundreds of recipes which have evolved over thousands of years, utilizing a large variety of vegetables, lentils, herbs and spices. Tasty Bite brings you a range of entrées (main course dishes) and Ready Meals (main course with basmati rice) Summer taste!

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    The music we usually listen to is PUNJABI. Punjabi music and songs is estimated to have originated between the 14th and 15th century. Farmers sang songs in their dialect as they worked in the fields. This Punjabi music and songs kept them going from dawn to dusk. They got popular during festivals especially baisakhi. The music was intriguing and instilled energy and rhythm into the life of its singers. Punjabi music can be segregated into a variety of music like bhangara, jhumar, luddi, giddha, julli and even more. This vibrant style of music spread into the neighbouring territories. With people migrating the music migrated too. As it was very intimidating to the listener it grew even more popular. In today’s world, Punjabi music and songs have acquired an important place on the international music scene. Music charts are flaming with this Asian culture. Typical accents and live music enraptures every listener. Punjabi music and songs now shares the podium among popular brands like reggae, rock, etc. In today’s world of mix and blend, Punjabi music is even infused in European song styles. And this new sensation is taking centre stage all over the world. With this Indians should pride themselves that Indian music culture is potent to stimulate the world. To listen Punjabi music Click here